Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Mantel 2014



 Spring Time

And well… that means it’s Mantel Time!

This one is a little different than my normal displays…

Spring Mantel Front

I kept it simple and “flow-y”… light and bright!

I created a window by using an old canvas art frame… along with foam core to create fake windowpanes.

(I didn’t have a gigantic old window… so I improvised)

In other words… got creative!!

Spring Mantel Side

I took some fabric scraps and decided to tie them on top of the frame…

that’s my “flow-y” affect… uh-hum.

I repainted some clay pots I already had… (keeping with a semi monochromatic theme) and placed them around the window frame and fireplace.

Front Spring Mantel

I love these roses from Hobby Lobby… they look so real!

Branches in Pail

I kept the same branches and pail from my winter mantel…

Watering Can

and then added an old watering can with flowers on the other side.

And voila…

Living Room Spring Mantel

The pale yellows paired with the creams and whites really brightens up the living room and gives it a fresh clean feel…



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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Another Inspired Decorative Display Dress Form

Once upon a time…

I made my own decorative display dress form (from scratch)… tutorial here.

I made it out of paper mache.

It was a long and tedious project… but of course…

fun and adventurous at the same time!

Decorative Dress Form Tutorial

This time

I used The Polka Dot Closet’s way… (thank you Carol!!)

I bought one from Barr Display

So much easier…lol!

I love Carol’s work and have been so inspired by her dress forms!

Polka Dot Closet Forms

Ok… gorgeous right?

I’ve been wanting to make my own for awhile now…

And so… I finally made one…

Here she is!

Decorative Display Form

Not too “shabby”… eh?

I really love the way she turned out!

I used a hollow back form from Barr Display.

The base is #8020 and the form is #8020W if ordering…

they are two separate items.

Thanks to Carol (The Polka Dot Closet) for the inspiration and all the info on her blog…

and thanks to Barr Display for an easy shopping experience!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

His Love Endures Forever… The Stone Collective


Today I want to share with you something a little different than my normal home décor post or just an art post…

Sarah over at Live It Out has started a creative group/project called

The Stone Collective.

“The Stone Collective is a community making much of Jesus as we create art, photography, prose, poems or music that commemorate the wonderful things God does in our life. Based on the passage in 1 Samuel 7:12-14, each month we will collect Ebenezer Stones as a regularly practice in the art of worship via our creativity.

I love that… worshipping Him and giving Him glory in our creativity.

Monday, February 17, 2014 Feature… Unique Hardware

A few months ago Marian from Miss Mustard Seed asked if she could use a photo from my quirky Tractor Steering Wheel Curtain Hangers post in an article she was writing for on window treatments.

Tractor Wheels

((it’s the post where I couldn’t decide how to hang the curtains…

so I asked for your help… and gave a ton of options… remember??))

Click HERE…

Tractor Wheel Curtain Hangers Idea


I love those emails!!

Of course… as I was reading it… I was all like…

What??  Are you serious?  YES… YES!! 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!  WooHoo!!  

Happy Dance! Happy Dance!

And then just the other day… I saw where it was showing up in my stats…

And wow… here it is…

hgtv feature window treatment

So thrilled and honored to be included with some amazing, creative talent in this article on window treatments!

Thank you Marian and for the feature!

((click here to also see my mantel featured on

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Our Sweet Husky, Neeko


The last three months have been a whirlwind for me.

My fur-baby, Neeko, became very ill.

007 (8)

As some of you know… Neeko was our last fur-baby of three and he got sick back in November.  We had WEEKLY visits to the vet for two and a half months… but never could find out what was wrong… so we assume some type of cancer or autoimmune disease made him sick.

Neeko husky

He would recover and then get sick, recover and then get sick and then recover.

We had such high hopes he would pull through it all.

Sadly, he had a setback in February that he just could not recover from.

020 (3)

My heart hurts as I write this… it’s still so fresh… so new to us that he is gone.   Neeko brought SO MUCH LOVE and JOY into our home.  He was such a great, fun loving dog. 

  We soooo miss his company.  We are dealing with that “empty house” syndrome right now.  Still reeling around the fact that he is actually gone. 

He was such a good companion for us… a PERFECT MATCH for us.

Ray and Neeko

He BLESSED our life greatly!

So many GOOD memories!

Neeko Tribute

 We miss and love you sweet Neeko!



Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter Mantel 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!

That means the Christmas décor is gone and my Winter Mantel is up!

This year’s mantel was created with a few thrift store finds…

Winter Mantel (front view)

along with some things I already had… which makes for some very

inexpensive décor.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Tree(s) with Mantel

Well folks… only a few days ‘til Christmas… are you ready??


I am just now getting my tree(s) up and I haven’t done any shopping at all!

I wasn’t even going to put up a tree this year.

Been VERY busy taking care of my sick fur babySad smile

Neeko outside

Not sure what’s wrong… at first they thought lymphoma but now they think maybe autoimmune… so??

Let’s just say we’ve had a rough go these last few weeks!

 Praying he makes it through and continues to do well on his meds.

Soooo… with all that going on… I have not quite been in the Christmas spirit this year.

But, when Neeko would fall asleep, it gave me some down time…

So I thought what would be easy if I did have a tree???

 How about the two light weight artificial pre-lit trees I usually use outside??

Christmas Mantel and Tree 2013