Monday, October 13, 2014

A Trip to Vermont And Some Inspired Art

Just wanted to share a few pics
 from a recent trip to Vermont.
What a beautiful place!
 Everywhere we visited had quaint little towns with that ol' time-y charm and character.

And wow... that famous fall color... just beautiful!

This is us in Woodstock, Vermont...
(I love all the covered bridges they have up there)

And this is us visiting Dartmouth College with our Starbucks in hand!
Here are a few scenery pics from our trip...

So when I got home... 
I was inspired to try my hand at painting one of the many beautiful old church's we saw.

This is my loose interpretation of the First Congregational Church of Woodstock, Vermont.

I also got inspired to paint this little fellow, as well!

Hope to go back to Vermont soon... maybe Christmas time?  I hear it's beautiful up there with all the snow!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall Mantel 2014

Fall is right around the corner...
the cool breeze, no humidity, the smell of outdoor firewood burning, leaves falling... 
I love it!!

As most of you may know...
every year... 
I try to do a fall mantel.

This year was no exception...
And of course... 
I had to bring out the ol' hammer, paint, and glue on this one.

My house was under construction for a few days.

But I got it finished!
here is my Fall Mantel for 2014...

Welcome to my
Pumpkin Patch!

I decided to go a little arts and crafty on this one.

I built the crate panel out of craft boards and a birch panel from Lowes.  
I beat distressed it with my hammer and then stained it to make it look like the side of a crate.   
Then I painted "Pumpkin Patch" on it.

I'm enjoying all the fall colors on this one!

I decided to add one of my favorite little metal signs in the middle.


Using some left over round wood slices from a Christmas project a couple of years ago... I painted pumpkins on them and added a stick for the top.  The wood naturally splits over time so it was perfect place for the top of the pumpkin.

I added thick curly twine for the vine with fake fall leaves painted green for the foliage around them.

LOVE how these painted pumpkin wood slices turned out... and the neighbors did, too!!

This mantel definitely put me in the mood for fall...

(sorry for any photo blur... I need some lighting equipment for sure)

Scarecrow says... 
"Thanks for stopping by y'all... and Happy Fall!"

Hope you enjoyed this year's 
Fall Mantel!

To see all my past mantels...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

DIY Backyard Makeover... part two

Finally finished!! 

Well, sorta... 
still adding little touches here and there... but the heavy hard work is finally finished! 

This is the continuation of our DIY backyard makeover...

In this post here... I took you through the journey of our back yard issues and our redo(s) along the way.

But finally... I can show you what our backyard looks like now...

It went from this...

To this...

 To this...

As you will see in the first post... 
we tore down our existing deck, added a new one, fixed a drainage problem, rearranged the portage stone... and added a fire pit.

Since then... we added a new tree line along with all creek rock, new paint and different railing on the deck, and a seating wall around the firepit.

We still have to add some more creek rock around the borders and do some planting and a few touch ups here and there... but overall... it is finished!!

Here are the rest of the photos for you to enjoy...

If you would like to see the before... Click here!

It's been alot of hard work and major back aches...LOL... but we did it!


We are looking forward to fall so we can sit around the fire with our family and friends!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

DIY Vendor Display Rack To Hang Merchandise On... pursuing my dreams

In my last post...
I left you with some sources of inspiration I found online to develop and reach your goals and dreams in life.

I hope to continue sharing the progress I have made in my life as time goes on... by writing my dreams down on paper, creating a vision board, speaking over those dreams daily and working toward those goals.

One area in my dream pursuits that I wanted to give some more time to is my art. 
 Just to recap... I quit my job back in 2007 to pursue a dream of being a full time artist.  I began painting and selling online... steadily developing a customer base and business.  However, when the economy crashed in 2008... so did my sales and I eventually quit selling art altogether.

Fast forward til now... My mother and I started renting an antique booth last year.  She sells antiques and vintage items and I try to sell my art.  The problem with that is I have never had an art display or a real art presence in the booth... I have just "thrown" my paintings in there and hoped they would sell.

So... that is what I have been working on lately... ways to display and make more of an artistic statement in our booth.

I had some blank ornaments packed up for a few years now and I recently got them out and started painting.  I realized that I did not have a way to hang them... 
so I got my DIY juices flowing and came up with this floor display rack...

This is how I started...

I used a tall left over 4x4 post from my new deck out back... upcycle!!  

Next... I took an old shelf (not in use) and cut a piece for my base. (You can buy a more finished plaque at Walmart or Hobby Lobby in the craft section)  

I grabbed my saw and drill and all the wood pieces I could find to make the stand.  Just trying to use what I have!! 

I drilled a hole in the bottom of my base with a flat spade bit so that I could hide the screw underneath and it wouldn't rock back and forth on the ground.

I centered the first hole... but had to add one more on the corner to give it extra support.

Next... just screw the base into the bottom of the post through the hole you created on your base with your bit. (You may want to pre-drill a hole (with a smaller bit than your screw) in the post and center it... depending on how many screws you use.)  And then screw the base on using the pre-drilled holes.

 I wanted to show you how I screwed in the plaque on top of the display rack.   
Same as I did on the base... but this one is through the top of the plaque. 

If creating a sign holder... this hole will be covered.

 If you want to use a finial as the topper... you can skip the flat spade bit drill step and just pre-drill a small hole for the finial.

(this small signholder is for a second display post I'm creating)

As for the sign holder... it was tricky... but I got it to work.  I just happened to have left over canvas frames... I simply hot glued popsicle sticks and thin wood pieces to the back of the the frames to create a gap to slide my sign into. Then, I just glued the back of the frames together.

Since not everyone has canvas frames laying around... 
my thought on this would be to find some unfinished CHUNKY thick wood photo frames and do the same thing.

After painting everything white... I screwed in cast iron hooks I purchased on sale at Hobby Lobby.

 I glued my sign holder on with E-6000 and Hot Glue.

Next... I just printed a sign from my computer and put it in the sign holder!

I'm working on a second display rack... a table top one using the same method!  Can't wait to get it all set up in the booth!

I'll show you pics when I do!!

Thanks For Stopping By!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Inspiration That I Found For Living Out Our Dreams and Goals In Life

We all seem to have some sort of dreams and goals in life.
I have MANY creative ambitions floating around in this head of mine.
Sometimes the visions and thoughts get overwhelming and I can’t seem to keep up.
I then lose sight of them and either forget them or get distracted from them just from the daily routine of life… and HONESTLY… with me… just plain laziness.
I'm sad to say… 
I have become just a dreamer and not a doer… and that bothers me.
And because of that... I just see life standing still and not moving forward.

Well… one night… I was listening to a TV ministry program

Friday, July 11, 2014

Some Paintings I’ve Been Working On


Hi again everyone!  Two posts in one week… that’s a wow for me!

I just wanted to share with you some paintings I’ve been working on in the midst of our backyard makeover.

I try to get some creative time in when it’s raining or too hot outside to work.

I LOVE painting and creating… so here you go…

Girl Playing Guitar

So enjoyed painting this gal and her guitar!

Folk Flower Painting

And… I always have to throw some Folk Flower Paintings in the mix!

Folk Flower Crate Art

This one is painted on one of those Shipping Crate Table Panels I’ve been holding on to for awhile now.

And last… but not least…

Cow Wing Back Chair Painting

This painting (it’s a biggy) actually started out as something else… but after some frustration with it… I wiped the slate clean and painted this…

it is one of my FAVS this summer and I may do a series of them!

As you can tell… I’ve been in a colorful mood with my art here lately… and loving it!

KJoyner Art

I am always thinking about selling my paintings again… I’m in the process of trying to figure out where and when.

Thanks for stopping by… hope you enjoyed! 



Friday, May 23, 2014

Our DIY Backyard Project… Seven Years In The Making (So Far)


We’ve been working on our backyard ever since we moved in 7 years ago.  We initially put in a lot of hard work… was fine with that…

until we weren’t…

and then we changed it up all over again!

Backyard Project

This is what it first looked like when we moved in.